Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Too hot to move

It is 35 today and too hot to move.  I am sitting on the terrace watching the ships go by and enjoying Budapest.
Of course it helps to have a Mojito in a large glass ,double rum, mint and lime ,easy on the sugar with lots of ice cubes.  Down far below me in a soccer field the teams are practicing  though in this heat I don't know how they can bear it or for that matter why? But I have noticed that this country is about sports and exercise. No matter how young the children are they are in sports camps and they love it 35 degrees or not they are out there and moving. This is so good to see, hats off to the parents.

I moved to Budapest about 8 years ago . Having lived in Toronto most of my life ,I was unprepared for living in a country where  I could not get peanut butter or French's mustard!  It was very soon after arriving that I was making lists of other items I would have to bring here if I was going to be able to survive. There were many things that were great but I missed so much from Canada . But over the years  and joining the European Union I can only think of two things that are still missing.....Frank's RedHot sauce and Lawry's Seasoned Salt. These are still items that I bring back . You would think that in a country where people are raised on hot paprika I would find one that I could substitute for Frank's but so far I have not found one.

Anyway I am sitting here drink in hand fighting off the bees who also seem to be drawn to my  Mojito. I slowly get up , you can't move in this heat too quickly and I get my bee eliminator from inside. I do not want to kill the bees , I only want them to leave me in peace to watch the river. Here in Hungary the bees hate the smell of incense. It was just by chance I realized this ,  I had an incense stick burning and amazing all the bees left and so since them I  burn incense and watch them do an about turn and leave me alone. Also eating outside no matter how good the smell of fried chicken it or any grease the bees can not stand the incense so they leave.  Is that not the best environment friendly solution ? We should never kill the bees. Hungary has a huge honey industry and I think that is why you will not find bee zappers here. Where ever you are try using incense first to make the bees leave.

On my balcony I took this picture to show just how gorgeous it is in Budapest on a hot day without bees!

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