Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Taste of Hungary

Well it is hot , hot, hot today and so no cooking!  I decided to make cold things and one of my favorites is
                                                                      KOROZOTT . 

This is a goat/sheep cheese dish and is wonderful with pita, crusty bread, tomatoes, red peppers etc. in the hot hot months of the year. Easy cocktail party appetizer also . It makes a wonderful filling for cherry tomatoes and peppers and celery sticks.  So easy to make and can be made a few days ahead to allow the tastes to mingle. 
The ingredients are the following....1 tbls   anchovy paste
                                                     1 tbls    caraway seeds
                                                     2   green onions
                                                     200 grams sheep cheese ( best if you can get it in a tube that has been creamed slightly)
                                                     100 grams of  goat feta ( you can use regular cottage cheese also see below)
                                                      1/2 tbls of Hungarian paprika powder

I also used around 50 grams of butter ( you can also use margerine )
I like Lurpak as it is calorie reduced and softens very quickly so it is easy to use. it has a wonderful taste even on plain fresh bread.

1/2 of a small onion shredded  ,this is just to give it more of a taste but is not necessary if your green onions are very fresh .

For many years while I was living in Toronto I could not find the goat or sheep cheese that felt right for this recipe , then I found out that many Hungarians use cows cottage cheese either creamed or plain. You can use that also just you will have to add 1 TBLS of French's mustard. This will give it the bite that you normally would get with the fetas.

OK so lets start, there is no right or wrong way to do this .....just mix everything together .

Add the sheep cheese from the tube and the goat cheese  and mix them .

It will look like this .
Now to make this colorful add the caraway seeds and the red Hungarian paprika.
You can also add hot paprika at this time  around 1/3 tbls if you want this to be spicy.
Mix this together and add the anchovy paste the butter and the green onion...                              

A for anchovy paste   LOL

Once you add the butter this will soften up and become very creamy.

I use a cheese grater to grate onions I find this much easier. If you add an onion do not add a sweet onion it will change the taste of this .
OK now it is done and should look like this with the bits of feta and the caraway seeds showing a bit .
The paprika adds the color but my camera does not show the richness of the paprika.  I have sprinkled the top with  a bit more paprika and now this will be refrigerated until it is time to eat!

Now all you have to do is spread this on bread or a pita, stuff a tomato or a red pepper and you have a great simple snack or meal on a very hot day.

  I love this tin of paprika , they have so many wonderful ways of marketing paprika here.

Over the years when a new visitor comes to Hungary and visits us  I will always have korozott in a bowl on the table together with a kolbasz ( hungarian sausage) and of the old favorite...the  ice cold Kosher Szilva Palinka. The PLUM Palinka!

After  long trip to get to Hungary what better way to say WELCOME! 

This is a A True Taste of Hungary.

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